These Messages from Anand Krishna are collected from his postings on Face Book and Twitter over the years

  1. ‎Forgiving without being boastful about it – that is true forgiveness. That is spirituality. Lord, grant me the strength to do so.
  2. The Ultimate is both within and without. Focus upon the One within, and IT becomes nearer than the nearest. Focus on the One without, and IT is farther than the farthest. The choice is ours. Love u all as always
  3. Peace prevails over panicking. Salam Shalom Shanti Sadhu
  4. Kontul diunekake dhandhang, dhandhang diunekake kontul” Lord grant us the clarity of sight, heart, and mind. Amen
  5. We cant “find” God because we are looking everywhere, n “everywhere is abstract”. “Everywhere” exists as phrase but not as place. Let us therefore look for Him/Her/IT in the place closest to us, our being.
  6. When Peace within is projected outside, Love manifests and Harmony “happens”
  7. The floor made dirty by hatred and violence cannot be cleaned with equally dirty water. We need clean water of love and nonviolence to clean it. This in nutshell is Buddha’s message. Jesus said the same thing, “do not resist evil”. Resisting evil is becoming devilish ourselves. Respond to it compassionately. Let us make Peace, Love and the Spirit of Harmony as our tools to build our lives anew.
  8. Happy n Holy Vaisak. Buddha, the Awakened One reminds us that awakening is not the monopoly of a certain class of people or chosen beings. Enlightenment is for one and all. A little effort is necessary, that’s all. Buddham Sharanam Gatchaami – I seek refuge in the seed of buddhahood within that can sprout anytime if I follow the path of dharma and live in harmony with others. Dharmam/Sangham Sharanam Gatchaami.
  9. “Let go of hatred, its killing you. Allow the sun of love shine to brighten your life and others too. Be a blessing and not a curse” – Let’s try friends, give love and give yourself a chance!
  10. LIFE’s Mathematics: “2 GET” + “2 GIVE” = Problems. NOW DOUBLE THE NUMBER, “4 GET” + “4 GIVE” = Solution to all problems.
  11. “Let go of hatred, its killing you. Allow the sun of love shine to brighten your life and others too. Be a blessing and not a curse” – Let’s try friends, give love and give yourself a chance!
  12. Anger blinds us, our vision becomes distorted. and, we land up making one mistake after another. Love is the ointment that can cure us. there is no other solution. Love is the only solution.
  13. An angry person can be manipulated very easily. Free yourself from anger and such manipulation. Love, love, love to all..
  14. Living in love is living in God. Living in hatred and anger is living in hell, and being burnt by the hellfire of our own emotions.
  15. Love triumphs w/o defeating anyone. Hatred and anger loose their energies trying to defeat others.
  16. It is the peaceful heart that understands and speaks the language of love and creates a circle of harmony.
  17. Love is the language of divinities. Learn and become divine!
  18. Love is always humble, hatred and anger thrive on arrogance. Be loving, be humble, be divine!
  19. Love transcends all the laws of nature, hence it is said to be God. It is Almighty. Be loving, be godly!
  20. Love is beyond good, bad, and whatever is in between the two extremes. Yet, it can only be expressed through intelligent sharing and caring. Love you all!
  21. Love is abstract, you can define the act of “making love”, but not the act of “loving”.
  22. Love is sustained by loving thoughts. IT cannot be sustained by anger, jealousy, hatred and arrogance. Love you all!
  23. A loving heart never enters into a dispute. Disputes prove the lack of love. Be Loving
  24. Love is the Greatest Miracle. A Loving Heart expresses God
  25. Love is the Greatest Healer, it can heal any illness. However, if you close yourself to it, then nothing can possibly happen. So, open your heart and soul to love, and get healed!
  26. Love never feels threatened, so it never threatens.
  27. The evidences of Love r scattered everywhere. Those with eyes can see them clearly
  28. We may share the same belief system, but we live in 2 different cultural zones. High time we realize this.
  29. Love never panics; anger, hatred and jealousy are always panicky and wavery. Be Loving!
  30. Love trusts, hatred distrusts. And, distrust is illness. Be well, keep loving!
  31. Love may suffer, but it shall never cause suffering to others.
  32. The Secret of Success is not “to love”, but “to be loving”
  33. Love is always secure. Anger, egotism, hatred, and jealousy are always insecure and ever looking for support from similar lots. Be loving, be secure!
  34. Love does not seek attention, appreciation, rewards, or honors. it rejoices in serving selflessly
  35. Would like to share the gist of Ramayana (translated frm posting in Hindi by a friend, wt some improvisation): IT’S ALL ABOUT WIVES: Lakshmana left his wife to b wt his brother Rama and Rama’s wife: Sugriva sought Rama’s help to get his wife back: Hanuman had no wife, yet he roamed around the world finding Rama’s wife; Rama killed Ravana to free his wife; And, agn he disowned his wife because of a washerman’s wife; and the root cause of all problems was Dasharatha, Rama’s father who had not one but 3 wives!!!! O YE HUSBANDS the worldover, learn from this great epic. Stick to one wife and start not another Ramayana! Have a great day with your wise, and O YE WIVES the world over ….. Ah, forget it – u don’t need my advice, you know better!!! Have a great day, love u all…
  36. The truly rich share love; the wretched poor share anger and hatred. Right now and this very moment we can decide to become rich or poor. Good LOVING Day, friends – I love you!
  37. Love is neither partial nor impartial. it is complete and total.
  38. When we are joyous at the joy of others, then, and only then we are truly loving
  39. Love is an identity to and by itself. It does not depend upon recognition.
  40. Bliss or Ananda is “Love, Joy, n Happiness Composite”. It is the innermost feeling beyond thoughts n emotions.
  41. Love does not hide, for it has nothing to fear, and therefore nothing to hide.
  42. Love is the movement that transcends frictions and conflicts to create harmony
  43. Great, best of luck! Teaching, as I often say is one of three most virtuous professions. The other two being healing (doctors/healers/therapist​s) and legal-counselling (lawyers/prosecutors/judge​s). These are not professions to accumulate wealth. These are professions to serve. If this is remembered, all these three professions can be acts of worship, for service to fellow living beings is service to God. Children are Godsent through their parents. They must be loved, nurtured, at the same time educated and not spoiled. So, they grow to become responsible and compassionate world citizens. I wish you all the best. Love and light always!
  44. We become sensitive to ego, if we are not sensitive to love. And, ego kills whatever sensibility we have.
  45. Love is God, because there can never ever be a single fix definition of either Love or God. Both are beyond definition and description.
  46. Love uses anger as a tool to construct and create. Whereas, hatred n jealousy are used by anger to destroy
  47. Some wonder if one can love unconditionally, some others wonder if love can ever be conditional.
  48. Love is good, and goodness is an evidence unto itself.
  49. Love is the greatest miracle. A loving heart, therefore, does not need any other miracle.
  50. Love expresses itself through selfless service undertaken in the spirit of oneness – that is, I am not serving others, but serving the Lord, the Divine Mother through all Her manifestations. I am not helping others, but helping myself.
  51. Even as relationship without love cannot last long, so to without love there cannot be teamwork in the workplace. and, without teamwork, one cannot succeed. So, be successful. be loving
  52. Love is above all laws, yet it is the only phenomenon that can never ever be unlawful
  53. Love is always humble, it is never ever arrogant.
  54. Love is always authentic, genuine, original, and creative. It does not imitate.
  55. The Hanuman Factor: Life Lessons from the Most Successful Spiritual CEO The Hanuman Factor. Motivational speakers weaken our soul and kill the spirit it takes to face the challenges of life. We begin to believe in outside factors to motivate us and depend on borrowed knowledge. This book is not about such external motivation, but about tapping the source of all wisdom and all strength within you. This source is powerful enough to self-motivate you to undertake any task, no matter how difficult, and how challenging. For, this source derives its strength from the Limitless and the Infinite, the One Divine Force. This very source is the Hanuman Factor within you and, within all of us. Tap into it now, be braver and bolder. Be stronger and wiser. And, above all, be fearless as you face the challenges of life… Yes, NOW!
  56. Illumine my Intellect, O Source of Light Divine, O All Glorious One, so I can Discover for myself what is Righteous to do and what is not. Amen Amin Sadhu Om Shanti
  57. Ishwar Allah Tere Naam, Sabko Sanmati de Bhagavaan.
  58. You will never reach ur destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks…Better keep biscuits and MOVE ON…..”- Dhirubhai Ambani (1932 – 2002), Indian business Magnate Founder of the Reliance Industries
  59. Genuine Appreciation must come by itself not sought for. Appreciation seekers are attention freaks suffering from the most extreme form of attention deficit disorder.
  60. SELF-EMPOWERMENT means you DO NOT RELY on others’ comments and appreciative notes to gauge YOUR WORTH.
  61. If You want your letters to be delivered than make sure that they are addressed correctly, stamped adequately, and mailed timely
  62. Satyam Shivam Sundaram: The Godliness within each one of us is the True measure of our inner and outer Beauty
  63. What the world direly needs today is Unconditional Love, the willingness to help and serve fellow-beings without any reservation and condition..
  64. Misunderstanding is a disease caused by the germs of gossip, viruses of hearsay, and bacterias of rumours. You cannot stop people from hearsay, gossiping, and spreading rumours. But, you can always defend yourself against such attacks by building a strong immune system.
  65. This happened during an interview, someone commented on a book against Svami, “Sir, if you permit, we can make sure that the book is not distributed. We can sue both the author and the publisher.” Svami smiled: “No, no, not necessary. Those who believe in the book written by him are his disciples. He is happy collecting disciples that way, Svami is happy for him.” The author of the book could still be living somewhere, we have forgotten both his book and his name… But, Svami remains, though physically He is no longer with us.
  66. “The Only Way OUT is Way IN…..” says the Master
  67. Your Master is Your Heart; Your Heart is Temple of God; God is in You, within You, around You, above You, and behind You… Live, Live in Love… Love, Love, Love, Love is God…. Live, Live, Live, Live in Love…. Expand Your Heart to Encompass All, Live, Live in Love… (Sri Sathya Sai Baba)
  68. Love opens all doors, no matter how closed they may be, no matter how rusty from lack of use. Your work is to bring unity and harmony, to open all doors which have been closed for a long time. Have patience and tolerance. Open your heart all the time. (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)
  69. Love cannot be thought about, love cannot be cultivated, love cannot be practiced. The practice of love, the practice of brotherhood, is still within the field of the mind, therefore it is not love. When all this has stopped, then love comes into being, then you will know what it is to love. Then love is not quantitative but qualitative. You do not say, “I love the whole world” but when you know how to love one, you know how to love the whole. Because we do not know how to love one, our love of humanity is fictitious. When you love, there is neither one nor many: there is only love. It is only when there is love that all our problems can be solved and then we shall know its bliss and its happiness. (J.Krishnamurti)
  70. Hands that Help are much, much Nobler and Holier than Lips that Pray…
  71. Christmas reminds us of the options offered by Jesus, serve God or serve mammon. Mammon offers us the worldly kingdom that is never ever lasting, whereas God offers us the know-how to establish His Heavenly Kingdom on Earth that is everlasting. Follow Jesus, and all else is added unto us. We inherit His Kingdom…. Follow mammon and we spend our entire lifetime building an illusory castle.
  72. “Beware of those,” says Kabir, “who praise you indiscreetly, for they boast and elevate your ego; and, be grateful to them who criticize you, for they help you in going beyond it.”
  73. “Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? “Everyone who comes to Me and hears My words and acts on them, I will show you whom he is like: “He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid a foundation on the rock; and when a flood occurred, the torrent burst against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built. “But the one who has heard and has not acted accordingly, is like a man who built a house on the ground without any foundation; and the torrent burst against it and immediately it collapsed, and the ruin of that house was great.” (Jesus, Source: Luke 6:46-49)
  74. “In order to follow Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, or Buddha, one must be 100% FULLY AWARE. There is an old conventional saying that ‘one should not follow blindly’, but i say unto thee that thou canst ever follow blindly. “One can never ever follow blindly. One must be fully aware, fully, awakened, fully enlightened to follow. For, one can neither follow in darkness, it is only when light is there that thou can follow the Master. So, one who follows is a proof, is an evidence to oneself that he is aware, he is awakened, he is enlightened. “Those who are blind and living in darkness cannot even recognize a Jesus, or a Muhammad, or a Krishna, or a Buddha – how can then he follow any of them? “Jesus’ invitation ‘Come, follow me’ is therefore not extended to the the blind and those living in the darkness. It is extended to the fully awakened, aware, and enlightened beings, for they alone can truly follow.” (Swami Satya Anand in “al-Kitab al-Hub”: Translation by anand krishna)
  75. We must, not only allow the old to pass, but also to facilitate its passing, its exit from our life. Indeed, the old is already past… However, the memory of past events we hold in our mind, often becomes the seed to recreate the very same past event in the future. Therefore, let go… And, how do we let go? By learning from the past, and then letting it pass. We cannot let go of the past before and without learning from it. Our past holds a lesson that must be learnt. If we do not learn, we are doomed to samsaara, repeat the lesson.Nirvaana is here and now, it happens as we let go of the past, forgive, forget, and move on afresh, anew. As we close the year, let us forgive each other for any and all mistakes, misgivings, and misunderstandings in the past. Let us thank the passing year for all the lessons learnt and enter the new year with fresh enthusiasm.
  76. First step in spirituality is when we stop talking ill of others.
  77. Not talking ill of others is not the same as not identifying ill as ill. It is only by identifying ill as ill that you can avoid or overcome it. Love you all friends
  78. Students need teacher, if you are not a student then you do not need one
  79. The Master reminded us of Angada’s story, “Be yet no emissaries like Angad. The Lord deputed him to put some sense into Ravana’s head, instead, he got carried away by Ravana’s sweet but poisonous talk. “He was rescued by Hanuman, who was the very personification of 3Ds of discipline, duty, and devotion. “He was also rebuked by his mother Taradevi, who symbolized the purity of heart and clarity of mind. “How fortunate was Angad at that moment of faith-crisis! And, yet, i tell ye, that ye all are as fortunate as him. The only difference is that Angad was willing to listen to Hanuman and Mother Taradevi. Ye are not, ye turn deaf ears to such. Ye keep listenting to the Ten-Headed and ultimately become Ravana’s emissaries, leaving the Rama-fold. Wake up!”
  80. “Keep me Thy servant, O Lord. Do as it pleases Thee, but shut not Thy Door of Mercy on me. Keep me Thy servant.” (Free rendering of a Sindhi Hymn)
  81. I am grateful to Thee, O Master, for Granting me the Opportunity to Serve Thee by Broadcasting Thy Message of Peace, Love, and Harmony; And, I am Grateful to All my Friends and Co-Travelers on the Path for Helping me in this Great Service to Sadguru, the True Master. Let us Remember that Righteousness Alone Triumphs, and Those who Protect Righteousness are Protected by Righteousness – Dharma.
  82. On Mahatma Gandhi’s Death Anniversary today I am reminded of one of his central teachings often quoted by Nehru, and that is: don’t do anything in hiding. For whatever u do in hiding indicates our fear. Either we are then not sure of what we are doing, or not convinced that what we are doing is “spiritually” ethical, soulfully moral. We do many things out of ego, just to feed our lowest animalistic instincts, thereby we put the human within us to shame, and it is the human within us who fears in situations like that.
  83. The Realized Beings are “our future” – we look at them, but cannot see “into” them. Alas, if only we make some efforts to see into them, we could see into our own beings. The Realized Beings are like mirror, they reflect our true image. Fortunate are those souls who are able to break through their old patterns and conditionings to be in the company of realized beings.
  84. Our “true” birthday is the day when we begin to awake, to rise up from the mud of unconsciousness, and face the light of sun. To face the sun of consciousness is to leave behind all strings, all ties connecting us with the mud of anger, jealousy, greed, ill-feelings, and etc. Keeping a new string, or forging another tie, leaving behind the old strings and ties – that is not being conscious. Let us be conscious, remain conscious and spread consciousness, while praying for them who are, perhaps, allergic to living consciously, “Get well soon, we pray for you.” Today is a New Day, the day during Galungan Festival, when we celebrate the Victory of Dharma-Consciousness by Living Consciously in Dharma…
  85. I have never ever met a spiritual person who engages himself/herself in backbiting, spreading rumours and being jealous of others’ achievement: and I have never seen a spiritual person who lends his/her ears to such heresy. Cheers, friends, I love you all
  86. Our Lord told us to pray in secret – that means in your heart – and he instructed us to “shut the door.” What is this door he says we must shut, if not the mouth? For we are the temple in which Christ dwells, for as the Apostle said: “You are the temple of the Lord.” And the Lord enters into your inner self into this house, to cleanse it from everything that is unclean, but only while the door — that is, your mouth – is closed shut. – Aphrahat, the Persian Christian Mystic (Third Century AD)
  87. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else, without realizing we are the ones who get burnt first” – Ram Vaswani
  88. “Bless me with friends, O Lord, who can show me my mistakes, so I can overcome them.” (Swami Satya Anand Anomadassi – translated from “1008 Prayers of Soul” in Hindi)
  89. Thinking about the past we exhaust all our energies and stop moving. This is the reason why we do not succeed in life. It is better therefore to learn from the past, let go, and move in the present. This is the only way to success.
  90. “A person who has been hurt, really hurt, will never ever even think of hurting someone.” (Swami Satya Anand Anomadassi, “1008 Pearls of Wisdom” in Hindi)
  91. The KEY to SUCCESS according to BHAGAVAD GITA; A STEADFAST RESOLUTION. He who is established and unshaken; he who is alike in pleasure and pain,
  92. who is the same in pleasant and unpleasant, in praise and blame, and steady;
  93. he who is alike in honor and dishonor, the same to friend and foe, giving up all selfish undertakings, he is said to have crossed beyond the qualities of Nature. And He who, crossing over these qualities, serves Me with unwavering devotion, becomes fit to attain oneness with the Supreme.
  94. Conversion zeal and interfaith activism are two different things. They are poles apart. You cannot be interfaith activist and still endorse conversion. Interfaith activism means that you firmly believe in all different belief systems as equally valid paths to the Divinity. Whereas, conversion means that you believe your path is better and therefore it is in the interest of others to follow your path.
  95. “As long as we don’t forgive the people who have hurt us, they occupy a rent-free space in our mind.” Thus says one of my friends. I, however, think, feel, and believe that it is not just a matter of letting them occupy a rent-free space, but also exhausting our energies to entertain them. How foolishly silly and idiotic thing to do?!? The message is clear: Love is giving and forgiving, and Love is the Only Solution. Love is also not indifferent, Love is full of empathy. Love expresses itself through the acts of sharing and caring.
  96. i love the gutter outside my house, for it has its function. I like it for its function as gutter, but of course i shall not sleep in the gutter, or drink out of it
  97. “Self Discovery means you have found the ‘SELF’ that resides within each and every being and thing, both movable and immovable. When that happens this entire creation becomes your business. You can no longer love ‘someone’, hate ‘somebody’ else, interested with one person, liking one person, and disliking another. “Self Discovery means you become loving, and this entire creation becomes the both, the object and the subject of your love. Then, one day the subject, the object both fall away, and LOVE alone remains.” Satyananada Anomadassi)
  98. Gratitude is an attitude. Its not the same as being appreciative of something and/or someone, or being thankful for something. Learn the Art of Genuine Gratitude and be Truly Successful in life
  99. When we make a wrong decision, it is only the brave among us who acknowledges his/her wrongdoing, mistake; stops pursuing the wrong path and, makes a positive U-Turn to be on the right track again.The weaklings are unable to do so because of their own ego. They want to prove to the world that their decision was right, not realizing that the world does not actually care about them and their decision. The world is not affected by their wrong decision or pursuing the wrong path. They, the weaklings, unnecessarily feed their ego, and pursue the suicidal path to perish. Be brave, be intelligent…
  100. “Going with the Flow” is easy, who doesn’t? Try going against the Flow, be the Change,
  101. Don’t be proud, excessive pride without practice makes us dull, we all have become dull because of our glorious past, we are lost in the nostalgia
  102. Most of us are asleep, dreaming, and want to remain so. Most of us are not interested in waking up, we want to continue dreaming. We do not look for the truth. We only search for someone to appreciate and agree with us, with our sleep, dreams, and slumbering. This explains why we are not evolving. We are born and we die in sleep, in “sleeping state” without waking up. Let us ponder on this, friends.
  103. One single being – man, woman, or the third gender – can change the course of history. And, that “being” is YOU, if YOU SO BELIEVE.
  104. The Law of Gratitude is to be practiced, and not to be discussed. It is very easy for us to tell others to be grateful, but very difficult to actually remain in the state of gratefulness. It is said that Jesus, once, healed thousands – and only one from the multitude stood up, approached him, and thanked him.The rest did not even stand up when he was being crucified. Although they had the first hand experience of Lord’s Love and Healing. They were sicked, they were dying, and they were healed by the Lord. They were resurrected by the Lord. This is the way of the world. And, yet, let us not be one of them. Let us remember each single act of kindness done by anyone to us, and at any time. Let us bless him or her for that single act of kindness, and let us forget and forgive all their trespasses, as the Lord God, the Mother Divine has been forgetting and forgiving our trespasses. Let us not expect a “thank you note” from anyone, but let us not forget to thank a single person.The Law of Gratitude, when rightly practiced, makes us filled with joy, happiness, and love. The practitioner and knower of this law never ever lives in the mud of hatred, anger, jealousy, backbiting, and the like.
  105. Silence is not natural to this present realm we live in. When we deliberately observe silence, we transport ourselves to another realm where all noises disappear into absolute silence. This silence is God, the Godliness within each and every living being. Nyepi gives us this opportunity. Nyepi reminds us of our roots in that realm of silence.
  106. i am reminded of what Dalai Lama said on this, answering someone called Paul Ekman (i am not sure of the spelling), that he can be compassionate towards those who did wrong to him and his people, but that does not prevent him from taking necessary steps to ensure that the wrongdoers do not repeat the same wrong again.
  107. It is only when you are capable of loving and trusting that people can betray you. Bless your stars and pity them who are not capable of loving and trusting. Good day, friends.
  108. “Show me O Lord, the way to Your Mansion of Love. Show me the path of Love that leads to Your Mansion. Grant me the companionship of those who are madly in love with You. Spare me from the wolves of jealousy, hatred, arrogance, and the like. Protect me from their attacks. Lead me to You, O my Love.” (Translated from Urdu, “al-Kitab al-Hub”).
  109. The core lesson in and off all religions, faiths, and belief systems – and this includes atheism, for that too is a faith with a legion of followers – is “Peaceful Co-Existence. We are not religious enough if we cannot do that.
  110. Vyasa writes in Srimad Bhagavatam that someone who distracts you from the path of spirit is your enemy, not a friend. Such company must be shunned.
  111. COMEDY IMPROVISATION : COMEDY triggers our imagination, freeing the spontaneous child in us. Laughter throws us in a whole new universe of possibilities. Want to look at one’s life with an humorous eye?
  112. Come and join, no previous experience needed. Explore situations, body language, feelings and emotions via exercises and games. Expect improving your social skills, communication techniques, problem-solving abilities and self confidence…
  113. “Master, Master,” the Bagful of Complaints complained, “You said that Life was a mirror that reflected our face.and if we were smiling then life would be smiling too. But, it doesn’t happen that way. I keep smiling, but my neurotic neighbor keeps grinning.” The Master chuckled, “I never said that you can stop your neighbor from grinning. You smile, ‘your’ life smiles with you, who told you that your neighbors would be smiling together with you?”
  114. Moksha is not a state after death. “Moha kshaya iti moksha” – the end of attachment, that is moksha – thus the knowers of truth declare. Its freedom in this very life, not afterlife. Be a Jeevanmukta, attain to moksha while living, here and now
  115. Beauty is God… Meditation should be so beautiful that all lower tendencies, instincts, and passions are automatically dropped by themselves!
  116. In my opinion the ultimate freedom is freedom from attachments, and when attachments end, fear is minimized, indeed so minimized that it loses its strength. It is weakened to the extent that we are no longer fearful.
  117. Fear is one of the basic ingredients of life, you cannot completely and totally get over it. But, yes, you can decrease it to the extent that it is no longer an essential ingredient. Then, it shall not bother you any longer. It may still be there, but it shall not be strong, indeed, it may be too weak to bother you. For the wheel of birth and death to keep moving, a size-able measurement of fear is necessary. Once the measurement is not right, birth can no longer happen. Thus, a being is free from the clutches of death as well. You become free, a realized being who has attained freedom, moksha, or nirvana, while still alive. This is called the state of “dying before death” by the Sufis and mystics of all traditions and belief systems. The only way to “decrease” fear is to confront it. You have to be aggressive. Look at it, stare at your fear, and it shall shrink. Run away from your fear, and it follows you. You cannot escape it, for it lives within you. So, do not run away – face your fears, face all the challenges of life – be not a renegade, be a warrior…. Rise above your mental and emotional wavering, ups, and downs. Fear is just one of such emotions. Spiritual Warriors are not affected by emotions. They are not ruled by emotions. Be a Spiritual Warrior! Good day friends, please accept my salutations and loves…
  118. Life is all about sharing… Whosoever shares lives…
  119. There can be an earthquake, fire, or anything – if you are fast asleep, you do not feel it. Once you are awake, a slight tremor is felt. It is only an enlightened being, an awakened being who feels both joy and sorrow. The unenlightened are unawakened, fast asleep, and enjoying their ignorance, even celebrating their dreams. What a paradox! 🙂
  120. How can I be religious if I don’t see God in you, and in all forms of life, both movable n immovable. God grant me the right sight!
  121. If you truly love me, then love those who are hostile towards me. For, it is the power of love alone that can clean the dirt of hostility
  122. Focus on the One within, and we see Oneness all around. Focus on the One without, and we see differences.
  123. God is Love, n the only way to Him/Her/IT is thru Love
  124. If God is Love, then d way to God mst b thru Love, n by lovg fellow living beings
  125. Get busy loving, sharing, n caring – u’l hv no time left to hate
  126. “Let go of hatred, its killing u. Allow the sun of love shine to brighten ur life n others too. Be a blessing, not a curse”
  127. Anger born of dsapptmnt burns us frst bfre burning others. Sheer waste of energy n sensiblty.
  128. An angry person can b manipulated v.easily. Free urself frm anger n such manipulations. Love u all
  129. Loving is living in heaven; hating is living in hell. The choice is ours.
  130. Living in Love is living in heaven. Living in hatred is living in hell
  131. Strong Will Power + Fine Wisdom/Skill + Excellence in Action Total Success
  132. Love triumphs w/o defeating anyone. Hatred n anger loose all their energies tryng 2 defeat othrs
  133. It is the peaceful heart that undrstnds n speaks the language of love n creates a circle of harmony
  134. Love is the language of divinities. Learn and become divine!
  135. Love is always humble, hatred n anger thrive on arrogance. Be loving, be humble, be divine!
  136. Love transcends all the laws of nature, hence it is said to b God. B loving, b godly
  137. Love is nt good, nt bad, n nt neutral. Yet, it cn only b expressed through intelligent sharing n caring
  138. Love is abstract, u cn define the act of “making love”, but not the act of “loving”.
  139. Love cn only b sustained by loving thought. Hatred, jealousy, anger n arrognce can’t sustain IT
  140. A loving heart never enters into a dispute. Disputes prove the lack of love. Be Loving
  141. Love is the Greatest Miracle. A Loving Heart expresses God.
  142. Love is the Greatest Healer, it cn heal any illness. Hwevr, if u close yrslf to it, then nothing cn psbly happen
  143. Love never feels threatened, so it never threatens
  144. The evidences of Love r scattered everywhere. Those with eyes can see them clearly
  145. We may share the same belief system, but we live in 2 different cultural zones. High time we realize this
  146. Love is neither partial nor impartial. it is complete and total.
  147. When we are joyous at the joy of others, then, and only then we are truly loving
  148. Love is an identity to n by itself. It does nt need any recognition. V.Good Early Mrng (where I am), love u all!
  149. Bliss or Ananda is “Love, Joy, n Happiness Composite”. It is the innermost feeling beyond thoughts n emotions
  150. Love is never cynical, for it is not emotional.
  151. Love does not hide, for it has nothing to fear, and therefore nothing to hide.
  152. Yet, in spite of …… I still believe that peace is possible, love is the only solution, an harmony is our destiny. Yes, i do believe.
  153. Love is the movement that transcends frictions and conflicts to create harmony
  154. If u want to b rcgnzed, then u must first learn to rcgnize. This, hwevr, is mere trsaction, not Love.
  155. Its amazing to c hw insensitive have v bcme. Hvnt read anyone frm my cntry cmntg on the blasts ystdy. None of our bsns?
  156. If we are not sensitive to love, then we will be sensitive to ego that kills our sensibility
  157. Love does not compromise it adapts
  158. It is only the meditative heart that can truly love and feel love
  159. Love creates, nurtures, sustains. It gives life. Hatred, ego, n jealousy r initially homicidal, finally suicidal
  160. Love is God, because there can never be a single fix definition of either Love or God
  161. Love uses anger as a tool to construct n create. Whereas, hatred n jealousy r used by anger to destroy
  162. Some wonder if one can love unconditionally, some others wonder if love can ever be conditional
  163. Love is good, and goodness is an evidence unto itself.
  164. Love is the greatest miracle. A loving heart, therefore, is in no need of another miracle.
  165. Love expresses itself through selfless service undertaken in the spirit of oneness
  166. Realization of the Lord’s Prsnce in all brings is the grtest wealth, may v rlize this during this Ramadhan
  167. Paayoji Maine Raama Ratana Dhana Paayo: Raama Ratana – the Gem of God-Realization – is Dhana, the True Wealth
  168. Upavaasa (Fast) means “being close to the source of Godliness within” – Happy Holy Ramzaan to all
  169. Even as relationship w/o love can’t last, so too teamwork at workplace is impssble w/o love.
  170. Love is the language of the psychic heart. V cn neither undrstnd nor speak the lnguage if v donot access it first.
  171. And the external is ever-expanding, we can never ever catch it, so we get frustrated. What a Leela! 🙂
  172. Love is never arrogant, it is always humble
  173. Love never tries to convert anybody. It recognizes the essential truth that is one
  174. Love is fearless, but fearlessness is not always love
  175. The Intellectuals are busy discussing love, the truly intelligent are busy loving
  176. One can nver evr b loving n selfish at the same time
  177. Love is beyond all isms, n yet it contains all possible isms and more than that
  178. Genuine Appreciation comes by itself, never sought for. Appreciation seekers are attention freaks
  179. Attention freaks can stoop down to any level to get the attention they seek
  180. Attention freaks suffer from the most extreme form of attention deficit disorder
  181. Be healthy, be strong, be bold and yet humble, enjoy your freedom responsibly
  182. Removing tumor thru an act o/surgery cant b termed cruel. It is an act of compassion for saving the body.
  183. There is no need to compare the great masters of the past. They responded to the call of the hour. Let us do the same
  184. “There is no health without mental health” this new slogan being promoted by several medical research agencies is v.timely
  185. Mental Health is, indeed, very crucial to the total wellbeing, & yet this is only half truth
  186. What is termed as “Manas” in Yogic Science constitutes o/both mental n emotional layers of consciousness
  187. So “Mental Health” slogan should actually be read as Mental/Emotional Health
  188. There is no Health w/o Mental/Emotional Health” – this then should be the slogan
  189. To be healthy “mentally and emotionally” we must trigger a higher faculty within us
  190. A higher “conscious” faculty within us can assure the mental/emotional health
  191. Meditation is the only way to trigger that higher “conscious” faculty, which in turn guarantees mental/emotional wellbeing
  192. From my own experience working w/ more than 40,000 people from at least 42 nations so far – I can now vsafely say that a single method of meditation is not suitable to all
  193. I have developed more than 300 methods for 300+ types to help meditation “happen” to them
  194. Once meditation happens, then leave the boat. Then techniques are dropped, because one already lives meditatively
  195. Numbers may count, but they dnt always mean something. Indeed, they may mean nothing.
  196. Interestingly the Zarathustrians name their paradise “The House of Music”.
  197. The way to World Peace is through Inner Peace. Begin the day with the intention to bring peace to the world…
  198. VInteresting Samadhi=Equanimity=Balance=Love.
  199. Yoga Asanas may nt hv anythg to do w/veg diet, but Yogic Way o/Life certainly does.
  200. Tweeting is a good therapy fr those suffring frm excessive energy. Fr those lacking energy, it is a disaster.
  201. Gandhi called Politic without morals dangerous.
  202. Who says God has no form and no face, you need my Beloved Hazrat’s eyes to see His Face.
  203. Look not for Him outside, shut all doors and all windows and you shall find Him within.
  204. Why this veil before your Beloved, o friend, unveil yourself – your Beloved stands before you.
  205. Keep awake all night, o lonely heart, prepare your bed for Him.
  206. God who must be “found” can be “lost” again. In my humble opinion its not about finding God, but about realizing God’s presence at all times, everywhere and under all circumstances. Allah Haafiz.
  207. 1. #ConflictResolution – first thing to remember is “Don’t fix any Agenda for dialogue”.
  208. 2. #ConflictResolution dialogue with agenda is no dialogue – dialogue must be w/o agenda.
  209. 3. #ConflictResolution dialogue without any set agenda is a true dialogue.
  210. 4. #ConflictResolution Second Most Important thing is shun the spirit of confrontation.
  211. 5. #ConflictResolution any dialogue cn only be fruitful if the spirit is that of love and understanding.
  212. 6. #ConflictResolution dialogues fail when the spirit is that of confrontation and the intention is to win over.
  213. 7. #ConflictResolution this my sharing is based on personal exprnce as also tried by others, good day.
  214. a soul mate is misconception, aren’t we all soulmates originating from one and same source – just a thought
  215. My Master always reminded me, “before criticizing anyone, think wht wud u have done in his position. Do u have solutions?”
  216. 1 Know it to be the most absurd of all absurdities when someone tells u, “Trust me, I love you”.
  217. 2 One who is confident of him/herself shall never say “trust me”.
  218. 3 When u say “trust me”, it only implies that you are nt sure of yourself.
  219. 4 If u r not sure of urself, u cannot be sure of what u think, feel and say.
  220. 5 when u truly love u don’t ask people to “trust you” that you love them.
  221. Its freedom with the sense of responsibility that is desirable.
  222. dont fight stress, manage & use the energy fr the betterment of ur life.
  223. When u fight stress u waste energy, when u manage u build up energy.
  224. At the end of the day, hvg done n tried all, its only meditation that cn help u.
  225. Yoga is not a set of exercises, its life style.
  226. Meditation cannot b taught, it cn only b shared by those who r alrdy meditative.
  227. Meditation is nt sitting in silence but living dynamically while mntaining inner silence.
  228. Mohenjodaro is the witness 2 not only the history of the entire subcontinent but also the world history perhaps as I suggest in my book – its the worls community’s joint responsblty 2 preserve ths site – let’s act before 2 late.
  229. The dogs will always bark, its in their nature, dont b affected by them, let ur caravan move on.
  230. indeed the wrd “ilm” in arabic is profound, its not just bookish knwldge but knowingness by exprience, hence the advc to even go to Scinde (Shin) to pursue knwldge.
  231. A man sitting cmftbly on the shores cnt undrstd a drowning man’s plight. O Meditator, leave ur seat & get in2 the seas of life, then u shall know!