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Anand Ashram is Centre for Wellbeing and Self Empowerment. Vision: One Earth One Sky One Humankind. 


“Be Joyful and Share Your Joy with Others.”
– Anand Krishna

Anand Ashram Ubud (Bali): An Introduction

Welcome to the Abode of Bliss in the Island of Gods where enlightenment grows and deepens every moment. Here, Yoga is a Lifestyle and Meditation happens 24/7.

Private/Group Program
(by Appointment)

  • Therapeutic Meditation
    • Emotion Culturing
    • Therapy to Free from Anxiety
    • Sight Culturing, etc
  • Reiki/Crystal Healing
  • Energy Soul Reading (Spiritual Counseling)
  • Balinese Blessing Ceremony

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Soul to Soul Dialogue

Daily chanting at Shri Rajarajeshwari Mandir (Mother Goddess Temple), a unique wooden structure made from more than a century old recycled wood.

About the Mandir

  • Thank you so much for having me for the last few days! It was my first time at the ashram and I can say I look forward to coming back. The sense of community within this beautiful place is wonderful and welcoming. I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn more about meditation and living in Dharma. This has been very memorable experience along my spiritual path. The people at the ashram, the accommodation, the energy will stay in my memory forever. Until next time!
  • My week here at Anand Ashram was a beautiful one. One of the best and most memorable periods of self reflection and development. I experienced the power of intent and clarity through meditation like I have never done before. Although I am Indian and very familiar with the practice and Hindu philosophy, the practice of it in this ashram has an eternal quality that touches the soul and cleanses the spirit. I will definitely be back soon and will be implementing the techniques I learnt here in my daily life. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.
  • With unending gratitude to all of you at Anand Ashram. My experience here at this very sacred space is beyond words.. The welcoming upon my arrival here, the chanting, programs, meditations, yoga, programs in the evenings have all integrated into my soul forever. Swami AnandKrishna - my sincere thank you & appreciation for your vision to unite Humankind, your love & compassion radiates deeply in my soul. I am so very grateful for my experience & growth in rich nourishment during my stay here. In light & love, Namaste.
  • I am grateful that Bali has a place like that! I was looking for a place where I can take a week for an inner journey, a week with my self, concentrating on the call within. Although in the beginning my mind had a problem with all the motorbikes passing by and judging the place not 'peaceful enough', after 3 days of being here, getting calm, there was no problem anymore. Of course the problem is never the motorbikes, but your mind, which always wants to jump to a better place. I am glad I stayed and now, after a week, it's hard to leave. But, I am leaving calm and peaceful inside. Thank you.
  • It has been a great three weeks at Anand Ashram. The place is filled with spirit. I was able to reconnect with my self and re-establish my spirituality. The motivation of the ashram, unity among humanity, is needed now more than ever. I will take the spirit with me whenever I roam. I look forward already to my next visit.

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