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Anand Ashram, Ubud (Bali) functions under the umbrella of Anand Ashram Foundation established in the year 1991, and its second ashram with live in facility, after the One Earth Retreat Centre in Ciawi, Bogor (West Java), established in the year 2000.

Besides the above two centres with live-in facilities, Anand Ashram also runs Centres for Wellbeing and Self-Empowerment in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Kuta-Bali, and several other cities on the islands of Jawa, Bali, and Sumatera.

The Anand Krishna Information Centres on other isles, as also overseas, help in disseminating Foundation’s Vision of “One Earth, One Sky, One Humankind”. The Charter for Global Harmony is another colossal and global venture initiated by Anand Krishna, the founder of Anand Ashram, and co-created by the global laity and dignitaries.

In the Words of French Journalist Marie Bee

Yesterday 19 April , 2012) i was invited by Bapak ANAND KRISHNA to the ‘SOFT-MELLOW-OPENING‘ of this new beautiful place that manifests the concept of an ASHRAM-CUM-COMMUNITY CENTER. People will gather here and offer their skills, teach, share, offer their talents to others and in turn receive the learning and the love.Imagine: Three Buildings AT THE ENTRANCE is a large two storey OCTOGONAL hall with a bamboo shingled roof, great architecture, sculpture of symbols of all religions unite around an Obelisk topped by a LINGAM yes!

This garden-floor level is meant for activities such as Yoga, dance, music, seminar…… just name it — the TOP floor is devoted to silent meditation and a tribute to the Mother Goddess It has a wonderful wooden floor and breezy views over the valley… just superb and inspiring.

The second space is a three storey INN FOR SPIRITUAL TRAVELERS… With 7 rooms (each with shower/toilet/wash basin), small kitchen and dining area equipped with fridge, water dispenser…

A very nice cool POOL is inviting for a dip, fed by three stone sculptures

And finally a two storey building — yet to be finished with some fresh funding… with downstairs Library/Learning Center and upstairs an apartment for Pak Anand.

All set up in a beautiful garden with ponds and trees, overlooking rice fields…

It is located in Jl Sri Wedari, about 3 Km from the Main Ubud Street (Jl Raya Ubud)
(after Ubud Green, and about 600 meters after the big Tegal Lantang Temple/Banjar)

Many kids came from Kuta to spend the day here, and a whole group of young people entertained them with games, clowns, magic tricks and songs…

Congratulations for your success in manifesting the vision!

Text: Marie Bee
Most of the Photographs: Marie Bee, Gede Sudiarta, Putu Sri (thank you for your kind permission for the use of these pictures) – Some pictures like that of the mandala shri chakra and Goddess Tripurasundari are taken from the net, thereby no infringement of copyright is intended. These DO NOT BELONG TO ME. And, i would like to gratefully acknowledge my gratitude for the use of these materials. Thank you.Music: Raj Juriani (Thanks Raj for your awesome music – this music belongs to Mr Raj, i have no claim over its ownership)

Please make use of this space, and experience the real Ubud (Bali) that is beyond eat, pray, and love, but also offers healing, sharing, caring, and much more

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