Anand Ashram Outreach Program

“Serve the Almighty by Serving Society & Humanity”


  1. Weekly Divya Aushad, Vedic Energy Healing – also available on call for the bed-ridden/hospitalized 24/7
  2. Free Medical Camps every quarter
  3. Blood Donation 2- 3 times every year


  1. One Earth School in Bali
  2. Weekly Moral Classes for Children in Yogyakarta
  3. Yoga for Children in Jakarta
  4. World Culture Celebration
  5. World Culture Museum
  6. Libraries with more than 20,000 books

Self Development

  1. Children, Youth and Adult Retreats
  2. Workshops and Seminars
  3. Weekly in-depth classes on Dharma
  4. Daily three times Mantra Chanting
  5. Daily Yoga/Meditation Sessions
  6. Weekly Kirtan

Awareness Programs on Multimedia

  1. Youtube Channels – Twice a week fresh uploads
  2. Ongoing weekly Bhagavad Gita Classes
  3. Eight websites with tons of information and articles
  4. Presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and etc.


  1. Monthly columns in several print media/journals
  2. More than 170 books on Yoga, Meditation, Culture, History, Self-Development, Dharma and etcetera

Other Social Service Activities

  1. Weekly Prison Visit
  2. Visits to Old People’s Home, Orphanage etc on regular basis
  3. Trauma and Stress Relief for victims of natural disasters etc.
  4. Adoption of orphans

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