Dynamism vs Agressiveness

Aggression is the human race’s biggest failing and it ‘threatens to destroy us all’, Stephen Hawking has said, urging people to be more empathetic.” – Nick Clark | The Independent, UK | Thursday 19 February 2015 We have been taught by our parents, our society, our educational institutions, and lately by the “professional” motivators, law-of-attraction […]

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The “Focus” Mantra

“Focus” – this is the most popular mantra among the modern “professional” motivators and law-of-attraction pundits. What they mean by focus is actually “concentrate”. “Focus, or, rather concentrate on wealth….. oopsss, be specific, focus on money, on the specific amount you want to have. Make a wish, ask, and behold! You get it. Believe…” And,

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The “Here and Now” Myth

‘Now’ is not only a cognitive illusion but also a mathematical trick, related to how we define space and time quantitatively. One way of seeing this is to recognize that the notion of ‘present,’ as sandwiched between past and future, is simply a useful hoax. After all, if the present is a moment in time

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Yoga Used, Misused, and Abused

by Anand Krishna The 1st International Day of Yoga to be celebrated worldwide on June 21st is being seen as the International Acknowledgement of Yoga by the World Community; as well as an Additional Tool for Marketing Yoga as Commodity. It depends upon our perspective. Sometime Back, Al-Jazeera aired two shows on Yoga. I am

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Dhyana and Meditation

The Sanskrit Word Dhyana, the Pali Jhana, Chinese Chang, and Japanese Zen (meaning the same) has been translated as “Meditation” in English for want of a better word. The Word “Meditation” is derived from the Latin “Meditationem”, meaning to “think over” or “to reflect upon” – hence the expression “to meditate on something”. Whereas, the

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