Can or Should a Yogi be Certified?

and, who should be certifying a Yogi, who can possibly do so? Did Krishna, Buddha or Patanjali have some certification? Forget the Oldies and the Divines, even Shivananda, or, more recent Iyengar had no certification. Why this kolaveri of Yoga and Yogis now?

Yoga ia a way of life. One who does not live Yoga can never ever share the Yogi Way of Life. Certificates issued by them are worthless. The real Yogis are Acharyas, they teach by their ...

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Oneness: Beyond the Duality of Like-Dislike, and Attraction-Repulsion

by Anand Krishna

Me (Status on Google Plus): You may start your #InnerJourney from one point, i may start from another – but, there is no way for us to not meet at the destination, for the Goal is One

The goal is indeed, ‘one’ as one ‘ponders’ these points, one observes ‘one-ness’ and unlike ‘four ‘blind Men & the Elephant’ story (Google it), one is in accord.
Great point this is. Thank You.

Many thanks for your comments.

Greetings. ...

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Do I Need a Spiritual Guide?

“No, I don’t, absolutely no. I do not need any guide or facilitator. I am sort of autodidact type. I can learn anything by myself,” says Hola, very confident of himself and his achievements so far.

Hola is not alone. There are many, many Holas around us, those who think they can learn anything by themselves.

Well, in a way, this is true. We learn by ourselves. The learning is always done by ourselves. But, and this is a big but, a ...

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The Mundane and the Sacred

How do you differentiate between the two, and who differentiates it? What is sacred and what is mundane?

Deriving from Latin sacrare, meaning “to make sacred” or “to sanctify”, the word “sacred” implies that nothing is sacred until and unless it is made such, until and unless it is sanctified.

In other words…

Until and unless something is made sacred, until and unless something is sanctified, it remains mundane, earthly.

Sanctity is Associated with Spirituality

It is associated with heaven, nay, heavens, and with God, ...

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Anandam: The Story of a Greeting

“Why are you here?”
It was Her voice all right, no mistake, and no doubt about it.
But, the question was “formed” very suddenly,
and the answer slow to come.

Another question, with the same speed as the first one,
“What is this place about?”
This time is was not only a question, but also an answer:
Ananda, Bliss, this is what this place is about,
this is the name I gave, and this is ...

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Bali: Beyond “Eat, Pray, and Love”

If “eat, pray, and love” is what you are looking for; if that is your definition of life, religion, spirituality, or whatever – then, it really does not make any sense for you to come all the way to Bali.

Can’t you do all that in your own country? Sure, you can. So, why come to Bali?

Eating and loving are very, very basic human needs and instincts.
Whereas praying is most often motivated by our fears of the unknown.

The point is: ...

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Mahanavaratri: Invoking the Divine Feminine Within

The Most Auspicious NINE Nights Dedicated to the Invocation of Shakti – the Divine Source of Energy within – this is what Mahanavaratri is about.

Then, on the 10th day, the Vijayadashmi Day, Victory of Dharma or Rigteousness over the dark forces of adharma or unrighteousness is celebrated to mark the end of the entire 10 days long festival.

But, the end of the festival is not the end of our ...

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Sindhu, Hindu, Indies, Hindia

by Anand Krishna

It was the great Arab Historian of the 10th century BC, Al Beruni, who mispronounced Sindhu as Hindu. The historian collectively called all the lands and the islands beyond the Sindh valley “Hind”.

Much later, when the Moguls came to India and settled there, they called their kingdom Hindustan. “Hindu” was never used to identify a certain religion, but rather a civilization as well as the geographical location. The Portuguese did the same when they distorted the word ...

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