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Transcending all man made barriers and boundaries, Bhagavad Gita speaks to the entire humankind. Its message is as universal and expansive as the skies, the oceans, indeed, the space all around and engulfing us. It is as relevant today as it was more than 5000 years ago when Krishna, the Master Charioteer, delivered it to Arjuna. His cousin, friend, and disciple.

Life is a Mystery, and we human beings are as mysterious as this very existence is. As such, any attempt to demystify life or existence is bound to fail. It must fail. This book does not attempt to demystify the Mysterious. This is, rather a celebration of the Mystery, of The Mysterious. Let us walk this path of Mystery, this path to The Mysterious through the pages of this book.

World class tourism destination Bali is well-known for her natural beauty and exotic culture. But within beautiful Bali hides another type of ‘beauty’: the pearls of wisdom to heed and practice. There are only a handful of authors who write about and analyze Balinese wisdom in such depth, yet in a very down-to-earth way. Here, Anand Krishna brings back such wisdom long forgotten, long abandoned by even the contemporary Balinese themselves.

“The understanding I have after reading several of Anand Krishna’s books and joining his programs is that Yoga is not only about physical wellbeing, but also about managing and disciplining one’s diet, thoughts, emotions, sleep, work, and relation with both fellow human beings as well as the environment.I hope that his new book on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali will help disseminate this very understanding to a wider circle.”

An enlightened master was once asked, “who are you? are you an angel, a god, or what?!” The Master replied with a meaningful smile, “I am awake!”  Indeed, an enlightened being never claims anything other than just that, and with such profound simplicity! And, this book is an honest account of the writer’s journey to such an awakening… of the agony, and the ecstasy, that a soul experiences on its way to enlightenment.

“This book Romancing Sindh is a very fascinating book. He heard the “Oral history of Sindh” from his father and set out on the journey to explore his roots. While on this unusual journey he found some very precious nuggets of ancient History of Sindh and he has presented them in a very arresting manner. In this way his journey becomes the journey of the reader also. He links his internal journey of “Self” to this journey and the result is quite rewarding. A book worth cherishing.”

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