The “Focus” Mantra

“Focus” – this is the most popular mantra among the modern “professional” motivators and law-of-attraction pundits. What they mean by focus is actually “concentrate”.

“Focus, or, rather concentrate on wealth….. oopsss, be specific, focus on money, on the specific amount you want to have. Make a wish, ask, and behold! You get it. Believe…”

And, one can wish for just about anything, from a sedan to a spouse… Yet, I still have to meet someone who is really contented and really, really happy, even if all their wishes for material comforts and sensory pleasures are fulfilled.

They are ever hungry and thirsty. Never contented, never happy. They become greedy, and would stoop down to any level to have their wishes fulfilled.

In their zeal, they even forget that their wishes are fulfilled not because of “asking and believing” alone, but, because of their hard work.

At times, they are so much focused upon what they want to achieve that they would justify any foul means to do so. Their concentration is upon what they want. They are least bothered if someone else is hurt by their zeal.

Consider this.
How does such self-centered attitude make them any different from those terrorists willing to harm and even kill people because they are promised certain facilities in some make-believe and imaginary paradise???

We shall continue our discussion, in the meantime let us all keep sane 🙂

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