[toggle title=”Elsewhere I can get a room for 150k-200k Rupiahs per night whereas you suggest a donation of higher amount. Why should I choose to stay in the Ashram?”]

The choice is certainly yours.

However, let us explain: We are not merely offering accommodation. We are not operating a guesthouse. Our endeavor is to offer service to spiritual travelers and genuine seekers.

Indeed, we are offering a sacred workspace for them, where they can work on themselves and grow. What we have to offer is clearly indicated here.

As such, Ashram may not be a suitable place for those looking for accommodation alone.

Furthermore, the suggested donation – based on our current monthly expenditure with certain assumptions – is what it indicates, i.e. “suggested”. It may not actually suffice to cover the actual expenses. We, therefore, appreciate the generosity of those who can pay more, so as not to turn away any genuine seeker who may really need some subsidy.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Why are there so many rules and regulations?”]As explained by our founder, these are not rigid rules and regulations, but necessary disciplinary codes helpful to all genuine seekers in their search for a higher meaning of life.[/toggle]


You can contact us if you have further questions.

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