Faith Moves the Mountains

Anandam my dear Friends,

On this auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, i wish all of you Everlasting Joy, Eternal Happiness, Good Health and Spirits.

We all know these are very trying times, but we all are also convinced that this too shall pass.

Indeed, it is passing.
The signs are clear, inspite of many not learning enough from this pandemy.

Let us keep our faith in humanity, in the divinity within each one of us and pray for the renewal and enhancement of our collective faith.

It is in this very context and moved by faith that we are happy to inform you that our ashram in Ubud, Bali is all set to reopen for public from June 10th, 2020.

We are closely following the announcements made by both the local Bali Provincial as well as the Central Govt.

We pray that before June 10th, indeed during the month of May there are positive signs that the pandemy is at its last leg, specially in this region.

If you are planning your trip, do please consider all the precautionary measures like having medical tests, valid health certificates and etcetera as set by your Government there as well as our Government here.

Let us keep in touch, keep our spirits high, and keep eachother in our prayers.

In the meantime, i am also pleased to inform you about our various online programs, some carry a nominal fee, others are by voluntary donations. Do please share with your friends and family members. You shall be supporting the upkeep of the ashram that has been on self quarantine mode since March 15th.

May the Divine Mother shower us all with Her blessings…

I close this with much love as always,

Anand Krishna

PS: i am closely looking into the possibility of all our centres/ashrams in all over Indonesia to reopen for public by June 10th also.