The Myth of Body/Mind/Soul Healing

The soul is never born, nor it ever dies; nor does it become only after being born. For, it is unborn, eternal, everlasting and primeval; even though the body is slain, the soul is not. (Bhagavad Gita II:20)

Certainly this immortal soul cannot get sick, cannot get ill so as to require some kind of healing.

And, mind, in my opinion, is so powerful that it can make us “feel” sick. In other words, it is the body alone that gets sick and may need some healing.

Mind must be disciplined. Thoughts and emotions are to be cultured and managed.

Thus, the popular phrase of “Body/Mind/Soul Healing” is, but, a myth. It is a misnomer.

With most “healers” still using the phrase, therefore, one cannot help wondering if they actually understand what healing is about, and that the faculty to be developed to affect the healing process is actually the Buddhi or Intelligence. Hence the term Buddhi Yoga used by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.

Just a thought, friends….

Namaste, i salute the Divine within You.

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