Do I Need a Spiritual Guide?

“No, I don’t, absolutely no. I do not need any guide or facilitator. I am sort of autodidact type. I can learn anything by myself,” says Hola, very confident of himself and his achievements so far.

Hola is not alone. There are many, many Holas around us, those who think they can learn anything by themselves.

Well, in a way, this is true. We learn by ourselves. The learning is always done by ourselves. But, and this is a big but, a “but” that must be considered, and honestly contemplated upon….

“Fine Hola, ‘but’ consider this… Who taught you ABC?” asks Bola, “You mean to say that you came out from your mummy’s tummy jumping and rhyming, ‘ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP…?”

“Bola, you are mixing things up. A newly born baby is a baby, infant. This Hola now, has already mastered ABCD, and i can use that knowledge to learn just about anything by myself.”

“Great Hola, you are really great!” Bola was wise enough to shut his mouth. This is how we must respond to Holas around us. There is no point in debating with them. How do you explain to a Hola that to become an astronaut you cannot rely on ABC alone? How do you convince him that even his driving licence is of no use. Forget becoming an astronaut, even to become a pilot, you must take flying classes.

The so-called Holas are living in their own make-believe worlds. They are thickening their delusion by adding more and more fresh layers of ignorance upon their already inflated ego. What can you do? Leave them alone.

Poor Hola, he does not even know that the word autodidact originate from the Ancient Greek “autodidaktos”, which was supposed to be a translation of the Sanskrit word “svadhyaya” – but, that is another story…

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