Daily Ashram Schedule

for the benefit of pilgrims visiting Anand Ashram

Anand Ashram offers you the opportunity to dive deep into the very core of your being and experience the meditative state of mind. Join our routine and access your inner Self!

We honor time as the most visible manifestation of the divine principle. As such, we request you to kindly be present in the temple/meditation hall in time, that is at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

All Chants/Services/Devotionals are normally held at the Temple dedicated to Mother Goddess, the only one on the isle. Its more than a century old recycled wooden floor, and similarly recycled wooden structure, as well as surrounding rice fields – all help you in transcending the mundane, and attain to the bliss within that you have been looking for. The mystical sounds of mantra chanting are sure to uplift your soul.  Yoga, meditation and other programs are held at the Bodhicitta Hall.

Daily Chanting at Adi Parashakti Devi Temple





Mantra Meditation and Fire Purification


Yoga Asana


Ananda's Neo Self Empowerment Meditation or Museum Visit


Mantra Meditation


Ananda's Neo Self Empowerment Meditation


Mantra Meditation, Fire Purification, and

  • Mon: Meditasi Ananda's Neo Self Empowerment (in Indonesian)
  • Wed: Bhajan/Devotional Singing
  • Thu: Inner Journey Meditation


Please contact us in advance to confirm availability.
Contribution: Yoga Rp 100k, Meditation Rp 200k.  
Donation for Mantra Chanting and Kirtan are by generosity.


  • Short or long sleeved tops covering the shoulders.
  • Long skirts or pants covering the knees.
  • Men can choose to wear a Saput (Balinese wrap) and a head dress but it is not compulsory.

Private/Group Programs
(by Appointment)

“Ananda's Neo Self-Empowerment Meditation” is a series of therapeutic meditation techniques developed by Anand Krishna in the early 1990s when he suffered from Leukemia (Blood Cancer).

The benefit of the program is not limited to reducing anxiety and managing stress alone, but it's also empowering the participants by building their self confidence, cultivating love, having better relation, and more.

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