Our Customized House Programs

in Collaboration with L’Ayurveda, Jakarta & Bali

(By Appointment Only)

Vision: Total Well-being and Happiness that is the Product of Holistic Health, Improved Relations, Inner Satisfaction, and True Prosperity.

Mission: To Promote Genuine Spiritual Tourism; and, Meditative Way of Life in order to Realize above Aspiration/Vision.

It is our pleasure to offer you the following customized programs in collaboration of L’Ayurveda Jakarta and Bali. This list is, however, not an exhaustive one. We can actually tailor make a program to suit any particular and specific need or requirement.


1. Speedy Relaxation Technique (SRT)

This would definitely appeal to those having a very short time, a very tight schedule between tours, or would like to experience a meditation technique that can rejuvenate and refresh their energies instantly.

Fees: Mini 15 Minutes US$10 | Complete 30 Minutes US$20
Minimum Participants: 10


2. Speedy Emotion Culturing Technique (SpECT)

This technique not only cultures our emotions, but also creates a wonderful feeling, and balances our energies. This is also very helpful for people having problems in their relationship due to emotional issues.

Fees: Mini 15 Minutes US$10 | Complete 30 Minutes US$20
Minimum Participants: 10


3. Therapy to Free Anxiety (TherFA)

This is our most favorite technique to free you from all kinds of anxieties, traumas, fears, worries, etcetera, and etcetera. You are born ANEW after just one session. Try it to believe it.

Fee: US$20 – 30 Minutes
Minimum Participants: 10


4. Self Empowerment with Love (SELo)

Redefining love, and using the Energy of Love to better your life, to Empower yourself, and to Improve your relation both with your-“self” and others.

Fee: US$20 – 30 Minutes
Minimum Participants: 10


5. The Complete Neo Self-Empowerment Workshop (NSE)

This consists of all above 4 Techniques in their MOST-COMPLETE Form, which takes about 45-50 minutes for each technique, plus an additional technique for Mind-Culturing.

Based on his personal life-experience, “Neo Self Empowerment” was developed by Anand Krishna (www.anandkrishna.org) in the early 1990s when he suffered from Leukemia (Blood Cancer). Through his encounter with a mysterious monk in the Himalayas, Anand Krishna was inspired to develop meditation techniques, which miraculously cured him from his Cancer. Ever since he has introduced this program to more than 40,000 participants from more than 20 countries in class room setting. And, to much more through television shows and his writings.

Besides responding to the immediate need of freeing individuals from excessive anxieties and worries, this workshop also helps the participants in the following areas:

  • Self-Empowerment to become the “Master of their own Life”, and their “Destiny”.
  • Freedom from the misidentification of our “self” with the mental and/or emotional layers of our consciousness, which is the root cause of all our problems.
  • Prepares the participants to face the challenges of life with a smile, and not to run away from any situation.
  • Transform all negativities into positivity.


One of the exercises in this program is so powerful that it has been given to the survivors of natural disasters since 1998. A study by Researcher Dr Suriastini, et.al (2012) associated with RAND and SurveyMETER shows that the techniques have a positive effect on mental health recovery in the post 2010 Merapi eruption in Central Java. The benefit of the program is not limited to reducing post-traumatic disorder and managing stress alone, but also to empowering the participants by means of building their self confidence

One Day Workshop 6 Hours US$120 (Incl. Coffee Break and Simple Vegetarian Lunch or Dinner)
Two Days’ Workshop @ 3 Hours US$140 (Incl. Coffee Break and Vegetarian Lunch or Dinner on both days)

Minimum Participants: 10


6. Neo Zen Reiki Attunement Workshop
for Body/Mind/Emotion Healing and Soul Development

This is not the ordinary Reiki, belonging to any of the several genres currently offered by many. This is different. Based on Anand Krishna’s findings as recorded in his autobiography “Soul Quest: Journey from Death to Immortality” (published by Gramedia in Indonesia, and New Age in India), this makes use of the Original Sanskrit Symbols, which were disclosed to Anand Krishna by the guardian of an ancient manuscript, his “personal book of life”.

So, this is Unique in every way.


  • For Self-Healing: Approximately 3-4 Hours depending upon the Receptivity of the participants and the size of the group US$150 with Coffee Break, Handout and Certificate of Completion.
  • For Distance-Healing: Approximately 2-3 Hours US$250 with Coffee Break , Handout, and Certificate of Completion.
  • For Neo Zen Reiki Instructor: Approximately 2-3 Hours US$450 with Coffee Break, Handout, and Certificate of Completion.

Minimum Participants: 5 For Self-Healing, and 3 For Distance Healing (Individual/Private Sessions can also be considered with a little up charge).

Special Conditions for Neo Zen Reiki Attunement Workshops:

  • For the Distance Healing, a participant must have completed the Self-Healing and practiced it for at least 3 days in a row.
  • For the Instructor Certification, a participant must have completed the Distance Healing and applied it on at least 3 persons, and also done the Complete Neo Self Empowerment (NSE) Workshop.

Special Treat for the Aspiring Practitioners/Instructors:
Take the Complete Neo Self-Empowerment and Neo Zen Reiki Attunement Workshop and save almost 20% by paying only US$810 (U.P US$990).


7. Mastering the Mysterious Gayatri
for Self-Discovery and Development

This workshop is meant for both Serious Aspiring Spiritual Seekers, as well as those wanting to know the Gist of the Age old Balinese Wisdom, Sacred Philosophy, and Spirituality.

The workshop leads you to:

  • The proper understanding, and the inner significance of the most important mantra;
  • Gain true wisdom, wealth, health, and prosperity.

Our Founder and Mentor Anand Krishna himself gives this program. The 4 Hours Workshop will transform your life forever. Indeed, this is the first time that any such workshop is being held in Indonesia.

Suggested Love Offering: US$108
Minimum Participants: 18

All Proceeds from this program will be used for the various charities organized under the auspices of Anand Ashram Foundation, and for the upkeep of the ashram facilities.


8. L’Ayur Self-Healing

This Healing Workshop helps the participants to know their basic characteristics, as well as physical, mental, and emotional constitutions.

This knowledge in turn helps them to understand their potentials and the life style that can help them realize such potentials.

Ayurveda, the ancient science-cum-art of living is an age-old proven system that has gained a wide acceptance. We have further enhanced this with our findings for the last 20 plus years.

Know yourself, discover your potentials, overcome your weaknesses and shortcomings, maintain your equilibrium – be healthy, wealthy, and truly prosperous – this workshop will transform your life for better.

Fee: US$150 – approximately 3-4 Hours depending upon the size of the group with Coffee Break.
Minimum Participants: 5


9. Three Days Ayur Self-Healing

This workshop is an extended version of the Ayur Self-Healing. Each day, we will focus on each dosha complete with it’s lifestyle starting from the proper yoga or exercises and the food preparation. A wonderful workshop to know oneself.

Fee: US$450 for 3 days @3 hours/day includes coffee break and workshop handouts


10. Ayur Hypnotherapy Certification

This certification program is based on our own unique system of Spiritual Hypnotherapy combining the principles of Ayurveda.

Our Certified Ayur Hypnotherapists can help their clients “reprogram” themselves working with their mind, emotions, and other layers of consciousness.

What makes us unique is our understanding of the mind based on a long research by Anand Krishna, which earned him a Master degree in Metaphysics.

The participants are also given the right understanding of monoideism, the revised system of hypnotherapy conceived by James Braid, the Father of Modern Art of Hypnotherapy.

This revised system is no longer working with the so-called “subconscious” layer of human-mind, but with the causal layer of consciousness, so the result is lasting and more satisfactory.

Day One: Self-Hypnotherapy

Day Two: Ayur Hypnotherapist Certification

Day Three: The Complete Neo Self-Empowerment Workshop (NSE) – This is a must for Ayur-Hypnotherapist Certification.

Fee: US$720 @ 8 hours per day | Minimum Participants: 5

The Fee Included: 3 Coffee Breaks, 3 Lunches, Handout, and Certificate

Special Bonus: 1 (One) Full Year Free Membership of our Club, where you can interact with other Certified Ayur-Hypnotherapists and also interact with your Instructor.


11. Past Life Regression

Ever wonder what and why are we born in this life now? What is our mission? What are the lessons that we need to learn? Who am I and who was I? Most of the times our life is “slowed down” by things that are “unknown” to us but somehow you can feel that is has to do something with “unfinished” business. Past Life Regression workshop will facilitate you to “revisit” your past life in a different life, different body and different time to solve our “unfinished business”.

Fee: US$150 @ 4 hours including coffee break
Minimum Participants: 5


12. Individual Ayur-Hypnotherapy Sessions for Quitting Smoking, Overcoming Traumas/Phobias/Anxieties and other Mental/Emotional Problems


13. Individual Ayurvedic Specially Designed Programs for Hypertension, Diabetes, Allergies, Cancer, and other diseases


14. Ayurvedic Therapies for Inner Beauty, and for Better Relations between Couples

Indeed, this list can be very long.

All these programs are given under the direct supervision of our founder mentor Anand Krishna, assisted by Maya Safira Muchtar (Director: L’Ayurveda) and a team of selected experiences facilitators.

Note for Travel AGENTS/GROUP LEADERS: Kindly contact us for special offers