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WOW!!! We are so impressed by the ashram! It’s very inspiring. So wonderful to see local kids partake the beauty that has unfolded as a result of your hard work. Sufi Saddiq and Surapsari

“This is the Place where Your Everyday Life becomes a Sacred Ceremony” Margot Anand – International Bestselling author / Spiritual Master

“This beautiful place manifest the concept of Ashram – Community Center. People will gather here and offer their skills, teach, share and offer their talents to others and in turn receive the learning and the love” Marie Bee – French Journalist

Infinite Gratitude for the pleasure, the honor to experience the Grace and Love of this ashram. Lila, Costa Rica

Heaven, Here Now, so have Fun! Akira Chan, California (USA)

It is my honor to be one of the first people to use this ashram. At this time in my life i am moving into my power as a spreader of joy and understanding…. I can clearly see that all is one… Without this beautiful space, this beauty we are creating would not be possible. It feels like home here, teaching and learning with these brothers and sisters. Thank you. Leif Gaston, Hawaii (USA)

My dreams danced awake into Anand Krishna’s ashram. Pue Bliss. An incredible space filled with love. Thanking my angels for guiding me here. Clearly seeing the magic in every moment. What a gift to be welcomed here! I am filled with gratitude, gushing with joy, and breathing pure Love. Aya Love, Canada

Thank you for sharing this beautiful space – easeless, peaceful, soul gazing connections created through joyous play and pray. Colorful and nourishing meals, blessed and blissed, were shared in abundance. Dance and song sessions magically filled my heart. Thank you for offering this container for us to co-create in the Divine Playground. With Love and Gratitude. Tracy Santa, Oakland, California (USA)

Eternal gratitude for sharing this home in ubud. May many travelers feel welcome and rested, bringing their stories from around the world here, as we have been able to. I will share the beauty of this place as i continue on my adventure. Stirling Freeman (See Photographs taken by Freeman, http://www.circuscentric.org/kids-day/, http://www.circuscentric.org/divine-circus-creatures/)

What adventures lie ahead?

I do not know, what i do know for certain after visiting Dharamshala (Anand Ashram’s Inn for Spiritual Travelers, Ubud) is that anything is possible and even probable! This Sacred Inn for Spiritual Travelers is a well of wonders that is just waiting for wishes to be delivered into the fertile soil of potential that it so humbly boasts.

A sacred space which offers sanctity unconditionally to all those on the path of devotion to love, to play, and to sharing bliss in new and unexplored ways.

Thank you for this safe space to live in community, to meditate, and to learn more about what it means to love in new and adventorous ways! There aren’t enough words of gratitude to express these feelings….

Thank you Anand Krishna for everything you have so offered to us. For hosting us, inspiring us, and for Being the Change You Wish to See in the World. Eternal Gratitude… Keith Engel (USA)

Bless these beings with love.

I am seeing the birthing of a new earth, awakening we are to that we are truly worth.

Let’s play together, learn from one another, and rediscover the joy of being alive. Yep, its time to make this planet thrive. We are circling, we are circling together, we are singing, singing our hearts out… This is family, this is unity, this is celebration, this is the Sacred! Shine David Therriautt (USA)

This has been such a place of growth for me.

I feel more able than ever to activate my gifts for the goodness and greatness of all divine beings. Alex Ananda (UK)

I felt right at home here, grounded, nourished, and welcomed. A true family without judgement. Accepted and honored. I will keep very fond memories of the place and especially the people… warm, caring, loving and kind. They will be greatly missed. I am ever grateful for the time we shared. Love, light, and blessings to all. Emily Baxter, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

Thank you Anand Krishna and all your friends for creating this space where love can be shared in such a wonderful way. It has been a great time…. and i have learnt so many wonderful things….. May this place be an inspiration for many others following. Thomas (USA)

I was completely blown away by what i found upon arriving at this sacred space. i found a place where i am welcomed like a family. A place that holds untold beauty. A place that, although newly constructed holds a deep-seeded wisdom.

The creative energy that flows through this place vibrates at a perfect frequency to influence any spirits that pass through. I know that it has influenced me. I am so very grateful that the universe decided in its divine wisdom that i needed to be here.

I am filled with love and joy, and will continue to be so filled as i travel to wherever or wherever my path leads. I vow to spread love and inspire creativity in any people i meet, wherever I am. Thank you so much for everything. Lukas Knab (Canada)

It was the moon I saw
Made of silver ember,
Cast in love, this Truth in Light
of our kin remembered

We were woven, fed and held
by Divine in form
Opened to our sacred selves
in the Kind and Warm

Grace it was
and Grace it is
that I see in you! Eriffin (USA)

Thank you for offering this to the world, I will be back 🙂 Sunshine (USA)

We have the conviction that Global Harmony Monument is sharing this goal to promote and support Diversity and Inclusion that is why invite you to be associated to the Do One Thing campaign. Marta Lopez, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

We are proud of you for continuing your rich Culture & Heritage. – Hindu Media Network

Your mission appears quite outstanding.. Congratulations on the many books you’ve written and the intriguing spiritual journey you are on.. Michelle Fischer

I have found paradise at Anand Ashram. Very affordable, brand new clean rooms with pool amongst a delightful garden. A place to re-connect spiritiually – free from distractions of tv. It’s a byo vegetarian food only ! which you can purchase from ubud village and no alcohol or drugs allowed !!!! a great place to meet like-minded travellers. during your stay in this community you are expected to help in the up-keep of the ashram. love it – came for two days, ended up staying six weeks, on and off.Cindy Parisienne, Australia

Our staying in the Ashram was lovely, we met very nice people. Thanks for your hospitality and warmth. We are leaving this place full of serenity. we hope to come back and spend more time here.Julie & Alexis, French

Beautiful Ashram in the middle of a rice paddies. I enjoyed the serenity of this place, lovely people and ambiance. I enjoyed the daily meditations and nightly group programs were interactive and enlightening. Thanks for making Ubud more magical for me.Tania, Canada

The moment I entered the place it called ‘peace and harmony’ to me. Though I stayed for one day only, it seemed I know the people here for long. May Allah bless us all.Mahmud, Bangladesh

I felt the peace as soon as I arrived. This Ashram has been created with so much love and care. Butterflies surround the beautifully maintained gardens. Anand Krishna has created a true haven for all those spiritually minded-he is a warm, generous and humble guru with great wisdom to share.Katie, England

Many thanks for welcoming me s warmly to this beautiful Ashram, I only wish I could stay longer. In just 2 nights stay I have learned may new things I will be taking home with me and putting into practice. I wish you all many blessings and hope that this wonderful work continues this way and many more spiritual travellers have the opportunity to come and share in this amazing space.Cherie French, Australia

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